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Green Station Network is established for distributing a main product which is FTi-7 as an Authorised Independent Distributor in Malaysia. We are also able to establish marketing for overseas countries for FTi-7.
FTi-7 is a breakthrough fertilizer in liquid concentrated form.FTi-7 can be applied to almost ALL agricultural produce (FLOWERS, VEGETABLES, GRAINS, PADDY, FRUIT CROPS AND PLANTATIONS, PALM OIL, TEA PLANTATIONS, GRAPES, TOMATO, POTATOES, LANDSCAPES PLANTS, RUBBER TREES, CHILI, EGGPLANTS, MAIZE, PEANUTS, TURF, .....).
FTi-7, when diluted and applied according to specifications will produce a minimum of 50% increase of yield. Since FTi-7 cost is equivalent (if not lower in cost) than other fertilizers in the market, the increase in yield translates to huge increases in profitability for the farmer / plantation owners.

FTI-7 is a stand alone single fertilizer for all crops ! You don't require any other fertilizer when you use FTi-7.

Another important point to highlight is that FTi-7 is an ALL NATURAL fertilizer. There are no chemicals used in the manufacture of FTi-7 as we have had the product tested and verified as NON-HAZARDOUS substance by SIRIM in Malaysia. Whereas chemical fertilizer depletes the nutrients and damages the soil, FTi-7 actually makes the soil healthier and more fertile. This is how such high yield can be achieved. We have been testing FTi-7 with different crops in MALAYSIA for 18 months. There has not been even one instance where the results and feedback were negative. In fact, in some plantations, we achieved yield increases of up to 180%.

Advantages of using FTi-7

. Suitable for all types of plants, which include flowers, vegetables and trees.
. Aid in replenishing and maintaining long-term soil fertility by providing optimal conditions for soil biological activity.
. Suppress pathogenic soil organisms.
. Stimulate microbial activity around the root system significantly increasing the root mass and improving plant health.
. Initiate and accelerate the natural decomposition of crop residue turning it into humus.
. Stimulate seed germination and root formation and growth.
. Increase the protein and mineral content of most crops.
. Produce thicker, greener and healthier crops.
. Produce plants with increased sugar flavor and nutrient content.
. Provide conducive and healthy environment for soil microorganism populations. This in turn increases the uptake of nutrients from soil to plants.
. Aid in rebuilding depleted soil.
. Increase 40% plant growth and yield by correcting the internal balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK) ratios.
. Enhance the sweetness of fruits.
. Enhances the fruity flavor.
. Enhances the crunchiness and juiciness.
. Cost effective, as 100% of FTi-7 is absorbed by the roots, soil, stem and leaves.
. Improved soil textures and aeration.
. Convenient and easy application.
. Environmental friendly product.

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